Join Our Team of Physicians

Join Our Team of Physicians at Children's Physician Services of South Texas.

Why choose CPSST?

Children’s Physician Services of South Texas has developed a very successful record of recruitment in recent years.  We believe this trend can be attributed to a dedicated resolve to constantly improve the culture of our group by focusing on our values.  Simply put, we value the health of children.  Not only the children we serve, but all children.    We utilize an understanding of our values as a compass to guide the group’s culture and subsequently its recruitment.  We offer pediatric subspecialists an opportunity to join a group where collaboration and teamwork is viewed to be necessary for exceptional patient outcomes. 

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Living in Corpus Christi

Texas is a wonderful place to work, live and play. Tort reform has made Texas an attractive practice location because of the low number of lawsuits and reduced cost of malpractice insurance.  Texas is the second largest state in size and population and the second fastest-growing state in the Union.  Corpus Christi is a dynamic coastal city with miles of beautiful beaches, world-class sailing and wind surfing.  The mild climate allows for year-round outdoor family activities such as golf, cycling, and tennis.  The cost of living is low and there is no state income tax.